Mary Jane Allen Armstrong



Metal Moves Me.
At My Best,
I Move Metal.

I did not start metal working until I was 39 years old, but in two days I knew it was my life. I had been collecting tools my entire life without knowing why. Metals is why. I do many kinds of metal work including hollowware, jewelry and sculpture by methods of raising, fabrication, forging, casting, chasing & repousse and enamel. Most of my current work is aluminum, but I also work in other metals including gold, silver, titanium, pewter, brass and bronze.

Some of the work is abstract and some pictoral. Often the work is about family--mine or the buyers. Often it is about conflict of chaos and order, physics and the heart, math and the mind, real versus imagined, sharp playing on soft, man and machine. When metals meet, hammer, tool, metal, anvil, something magical happens. Something new happens. Pain and glory become one. The special thing about jewelry is that you can have it with you all the time. It not only adorns, it caresses and it heals. If it touches you, it can change you. The metal changes me.

As I said, I work in many kinds of metal. One of metals most exceptional properties is its ability to be recycled. Much of my work is created from reused and recycled metal. Most of the world's gold is recycled, even if it is new to you. As I work in aluminum, much of the metal is reused. I often use scrap metal, refinish it and rework it. It is an important part of keeping the world green and beautiful.

I have had the great pleasure and fortune of studying under J. Agnes Chwae at Madison Area Technical College and at the University of Wisconsin under Fred Fenster, Lisa Gralnick and Catherine Clark Gilbertson. I have also enjoyed the inspiration, lectures and instruction of many other skilled metal artists/craftspersons, including two aunts Jacque and Colleen, two cousins Jessica and Tai, two well drillers, Anne and Michael and many friends.

You are welcome you to purchase my personal work based on my life and stories or I am happy to work with you to put your life into metal. All the work here is originally designed and hand-crafted by me.

Enjoy browsing my site and if you have any questions, please email me.

Enjoy my work. I do.